We are always delighted to open new accounts! Your customers will love our high-quality baby & kids’ clothing & accessories and our elegant & innovative designs. And you will love that we have NO SIZE PREPACKS TO BUY & NO DOLLAR MINIMUM TO MEET!

Why choose Haute Baby brands for your boutique?

· Haute Baby manufactures wholesale boutique clothing only. We don’t sell our brands to discounters, chain stores or department stores. We value and respect each and every customer, & we offer protection to our retailers regarding their sales territories.

· Haute Baby boutique lines truly sell themselves!! Your customers will identify with our brands immediately since we’re known for our signature looks & whimsical flair. Haute Baby designs trendy, fashion-forward silhouettes that are sweet yet sophisticated.

· At Haute Baby our goal is to design the irresistible!! We welcome the opportunity to show you!

For more details call our hauteline @ 713-334-9006, email info@hautebaby.com or request a login now!!