"I appreciate the fact that I can order one of each style, therefore custom buying for our discriminating customers. This enables us to remain a specialty boutique in a small town, where everyone wants something unique for their baby or little one. Also appreciate the new line of larger sizes. Your website is very helpful and consumer-friendly, with no pricing. Appreciate that, as well as your helpful phone and internet staff. Bless you all."

Heartfelt Designs

"I enjoy shopping online it would make it nice if we could order from your site. I can't come to the shows always and I need a way to supply my shop. I think your cloths are so unique and I love to offer them in our shop."

Jodi Hoffman

"I'm new to this - but I will ALWAYS remember how special Linda made me feel when I placed my first order - I had never ordered before."


Made in the USA high quality clothing! Very friendly customer service!

Josephine Archer,

Sofi Stella

"We love Haute Baby and love that it is one of the unique brands we carry in our store.
Thank you!"
Starlight Starbright

"Haute Baby is one of my favorite companies. Great product and affordable pricing!
My customers always compliment on your outfits!!"

"CPP is very important and also low minimums or dollar amounts. I won't order from Zutano (for ex.) because they require (6)'s and a min. $1000 to order."

"Love Haute Baby!!!! you are all the best."
Layla's Boutique

“Although we are going out of business, it has been such a pleasure working with Haute Baby. You are one of the last companies that help and adhere to small business policies. The employees at market and the ones I have spoken with over the phone have been courteous, helpful and professional. I can't say enough about Haute Baby - thank you for all you do. We love the fact that there is not a huge minimum order, that you let us re-order and that you do not sell your clothing on your website!”


"Davis Country Store Loves your clothes!! Thanks"
Davis Country Store

“We have bought from Haute Baby for several years now. The sales reps we have dealt with have been great, very helpful, professional but warm and friendly. The line is beautiful and unique. We have had nothing but good experiences with Haute Baby.

Martha Drake,

Neffies Children's Wear

"Love the line.. it is doing good so far can't wait for the fall line."
Babydecor and More

"Love Haute Baby! Always do well with it."
Irene Stiles

“I absolutely love Haute Baby & so does my customer! The sales reps and customer service is always nice and helpful! We always get our shipments on time. And when we receive our merchandise it is always professionally packaged and neatly folded. We look forward to future business with Haute Baby. I give it a 5 stars!”

Rossie’s Ribbons

“We are very happy.

You don't make us load up on goods thus making your product look much more exclusive.

We do appreciate it.”


Annabelles Fine Linens

"We love Haute Baby! Haute Baby is one of our top selling lines. We will continue carrying Haute Baby for years to come."
Laurie Washburn

“I am extremely happy with the clothing, styles and customer service. Yours is one of my and my customer's favorite lines!”


“We love Haute Baby and have enjoyed working with them for many years. You can tell that they love what they do and care deeply about their customers. Both the design and quality of the lines they produce season after season is exceptional. No wonder they have continued to build a strong clientele. We also appreciate that they produce in the USA as oppose to overseas and we tell our customers about it too. They ship on time and within the delivery window. Last but not least is their loyalty to the customers that have been there from the beginning. We never have to worry about them "dumping merchandise" or selling to "big box stores". We have always felt an unspoken RESPECT for each other’s business. We can't thank them enough for making our business better and highly recommend them to future clients.

Kathy Messenger,

Three Blind Mice

“I have bought Haute Baby for a number of years. Their line is creative, their quality control is top notch and the sales rep I have dealt with is totally professional and very helpful in suggesting what is best for my store.

Karyn Levy,

The Karyn Collection

“We are a children's retail store. Haute Baby is one of our lines the customers keep coming back to get. We love the Haute Baby sales team. They are the sweetest ladies at market and have great customer service when we call in for reorders. Also, we appreciate that they don't sell to your next door neighbor.

Donna Rogers,

Tot Roost & Teens

“This is a precious, top quality line that offers great customer service. I carry this in my Children's Boutique Cutie pa Tootie and everyone loves the product.

Lynn Wells,

Cutie pa Tootie

“Washes beautifully. Friendly staff. Wonderfully gorgeous designs and affordability. I couldn't run my boutique without it.


The Cottage

“Boutique Haute Baby is the best company to work with. They are so warm and caring always making sure their customers are happy. Their product is superb! Every season is their best!”

Jean Christensen,

Cassie's Closet

“I love having access to such a great line of children's apparel. I am a small boutique store and appreciate the fact that Haute Baby does not require excessive quantities of product in order to stock their clothes in my shop. Also, my experience with their customer service has been excellent. They have never failed to meet my expectations.



“I like the fact that Haute Baby's line focuses on infant clothing. I can always find 4 to 5 groups in girls with cute gowns, blankets & hats and then buy the 3 to 24 mos., outfits to match baby. My customers love the line & my infant pieces in girls are always among the first items to sell out. That's why I love it.

Vivian Montgomery,

Kidstop Children's

“Because I am a small boutique, I don't always need 3 items of the same size. I love that I can buy the quantities I need with high quality results. The clothing lines are unique and always the favorite of all my customers!

Sara Norton,

Let's Pretend Tea Parties

“Very well made quality product, year in and year out the quality is always there. I have never discounted this product, I just order more.

Judy Henson,

Texas Gold Minors

“Great company that delivers beautiful, quality garments that are always on time.

Jan Youngblood,

Cotton Candy Children's Boutique

“Haute Baby was one of our first lines we started with when we opened in 2010. It has been one of our #1 sellers to date! The material is comfortable, the quality is outstanding and the customer service is stellar.

Denise G. Jolley,