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Haute Baby Girls Layette Clothing Collections

Haute Baby’s girl signature collection is anything but basic. Traditional, elegant looks as well as the trendy and funky are all well represented by an amazing selection of gowns, caps and blankets, legging sets, dresses, hair accessories and more. And don’t forget that you’re buying PROVEN SELLERS from Haute Baby’s best collections ready to ship any time of the year.


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Amy's Garden Baby Girl Cap Amy's Garden Receiving Blanket Amy's Garden Infant & Toddler Girl Swing Set
Emma Rose Baby Girl Legging Set Emma Rose Baby Girl Cap Emma Rose Receiving Blanket
Rodeo Queen Baby Girl SS Onesie Rodeo Queen Baby Girl LS Onesie Rodeo Queen Baby Girl Fringe Legging
Rodeo Queen Baby Girl Cap Rodeo Queen Receiving Blanket Rodeo Queen Newborn Girl Booties
Rodeo Queen Infant & Toddler Girl Four Hearts SS Tee Rodeo Queen Infant & Toddler Girl Four Hearts LS Tee Rodeo Queen Infant & Toddler Girls Denim Mini
Rodeo Queen Infant & Toddler Girl Denim Rodeo Pant Rodeo Queen Infant & Toddler Girl Bandana Halter Top Rodeo Queen Infant & Toddler Girls White Dot Swing Top
Rodeo Queen Baby Girl Bandana Diaper Cover Swan Lake Newborn Girls Gown Swan Lake Baby Girls Cap
Swan Lake Baby Girls Swing Set Swan Lake Headband Pink Lullabye Newborn Girls Gown
Pink Lullabye Baby Girls Cap Pink Lullabye Receiving Blanket Pink Lullabye Baby Girls Pant Set
Pink Lullabye Clippie Headband Rodeo Queen Newborn Girls Gown CHIC PETIT Baby Girls Take-me-home Gown
CHIC PETIT Baby Girls Flap Cap CHIC PETIT Baby Girls Receiving Blanket CHIC PETIT Infant Girls Criss Cross Pant Set
CHIC PETIT Headband Sweet Pea Baby Girls Take-me-home Gown Sweet Pea Matching Cap
Sweet Pea Baby Girls Receiving Blanket Sweet Pea Infant Girls Criss Cross Set Sweet Pea Infant Girls Romper
Sweet Pea Infant Girls PRINT Diaper Cover Sweet Pea Infant Girls PINK Diaper Cover Sweet Pea Infant & Toddler Girls PINK Legging
Sweet Pea Infant & Toddler Girls PRINT Legging Sweet Pea Infant & Toddler Girls Ruffle Top Sweet Pea Matching Headband
Emmie Grace Newborn Girls Take-me-home Gown Emmie Grace Matching Hat Emmie Grace Receiving Blanket
Emmie Grace Infant Girls Popover Set Peach Blush Newborn Girls Take-me-home Gown Peach Blush Matching Cap
Peach Blush Matching Cap Peach BlushInfant Girls Bubble Romper Peach Blush Little Girls Dress
Peach Blush Matching Headband Cuddle Me Take-me-home Girls Gown Cuddle Me Matching Cap
Cuddle Me Receiving Blanket Cuddle Me Infant Girls Romper Cuddle Me Infant Girls Diaper Set
Cuddle Me Infant & Toddler Girls Dress Cuddle Me Matching Headband Lilac Mist Take-me-home Girls Gown
Lilac Mist Matching Bonnet Lilac Mist Receiving Blanket Lilac Mist Infant Girls Bubble Dress
Lilac Mist Matching Headband Peach Blossom Take-me-home Gown Peach Blossom Matching Cap
Peach Blossom Receiving Blanket Peach Blossom Infant Girls Bubble Dress Peach Blossom Infant Girls Swing Set
Peach Blossom Matching Headband Tiny Petals Take-me-home Girls Gown Tiny Petals Matching Cap
Tiny Petals Receiving Blanket Tiny Petals Infant Girls Criss-Cross Set Tiny Petals Infant Girls Onesie
Tiny Petals Infant Girls Diaper Cover Tiny Petals Infant Girls Legging Tiny Petals Infant Girls Romper
Tiny Petals Infant Girls Swing Set Mary Catherine Take-me-home Girls Gown Mary Catherine Matching Heirloom Bonnet
Mary Catherine Matching Receiving Blanket Mary Catherine Infant Girls Heirloom Romper Anna Corinne Take-me-home Girls Gown
Anna Corinne Heirloom Bonnet Anna Corinne Receiving Blanket Anna Corinne Infant Girls Heirloom Romper
Bloomsbury Take-me-home Gown Bloomsbury Matching Cap Bloomsbury Receiving Blanket
Bloomsbury Infant Girls Criss Cross Set Bloomsbury Matching Headband Pinkalicious Take-me-home Gown
Pinkalicious Matching Cap Pinkalicious Receiving Blanket Pinkalicious Infant Girls Bubble
Pinkalicious Headband Sweet Rose Take-me-home Gown Sweet Rose Matching Bonnet
Sweet Rose Blanket Sweet Rose Criss Cross Set Sweet Rose Headband
Fall Rhapsody Infant & Toddler Girls Swing Set Fall Rhapsody Toddler & Big Girls Dress
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